TLS is a Canadian architectural lighting company, known for its patented LED lighting system. With everything designed and produced in-house, TLS has unmatched control and flexibility. TLS offers versatile surface lighting technology, with endless design possibilities.


For more information about TLS products, please visit their website here


  • Carra 2x2 Surface Mounted

  • Carra 4x4 Suspended

  • Carra 4x4 Suspended

  • Carra 6x10 Recessed

  • Carra 8x12 Recessed (Deep)

  • Carra 2x2 (Rendering)

  • Carra 2x4 (Rendering)

  • Carra 4x4 (Rendering)

  • Carra 4x8 (Rendering)

  • Carra 6x10 (Rendering)

  • Carra 8x12 (Rendering)

  • Denver Art Museum

  • Davidoff - Lower Manhattan NYC

  • JP Morgan - 390 Madison NYC

  • Louis Vuitton - Bond St. London

  • Broadgate - London