Isle of Man offices slash energy bills and save over 850 Tonnes of C02 with LED lighting

Office - Key Benefits


·         Energy savings of up to 80% and equivalent reduction in Co2 production

·         High quality light uniformity

·         Occupation health standards are met – no flicker / or hum

·         Maintenance free for the lifetime of the product

·         4000 Kelvin colour, 80 CRI LED – significantly enhances the working environment

·         Intelligent controls to further maximise energy savings


The Challenge:

With rising electricity costs, increased pressures from both Government and industry to reduce carbon emissions and a necessity to improve light levels for the three resident organisations within St. Mary’s court, a 36,000 square foot commercial building on the Isle of Man, we were approached to create a lighting solution that would deliver on a strict brief: To find new lighting solutions that would not only improve light quality for the three leaseholders, but would significantly reduce St. Mary’s Court’s energy consumption and Co2 production.

The Solution:

The project saw a total of 227 award-winning TiLite (TL) luminaires installed in the offices and lobby areas of Charlemagne Capital (IOM) Ltd, Nedbank Private Wealth Ltd and Tristao Services Ltd. This included 160 TL30/700, 53 TL24/700, and 14 TL20 fittings. Waveguide’s TiLites were chosen that supplied 80CRI and 4000 kelvin colour temperature. This particular combination can significantly enhance the working environment, which is also known to aid concentration – contributing to a greater feeling of wellbeing amongst the staff.

This has reduced combined annual lighting energy consumption at St. Mary’s Court from, 153,925kW/h (annual cost of £20,780) to just 55,053kW/h. Mutual annual energy bills have therefore been reduced to an average of just £7,432 per annum.