Designing an exterior lighting scheme is an important task when thinking about regenerating urban areas. If applied properly exteriors of buildings, facades, pathways, landscapes and gardens can be transformed to look amazing.

We trust this innovative product range will allow your thoughts to expand to create your ideal project. Whether you are a Landscape Architect or developing your own exterior MetroUrbane will work for you. Our Landscape and Garden Lighting is easily installed and extremely safe in the process, working at 24v with a power consumption of 1.5 watts.

This is a durable product designed for harsh outdoor environments with downward light reducing light pollution significantly. This is an important environmental issue which is a topical discussion between designers and scientists.  

  • Garden lighting

  • UK designed and made

  • Limelight garden lighting

  • Limelight garden lighting

  • Limelight Garden Lighting

  • LED garden lights

  • Garden Lighting - Limelight 145 cm garden spotlight

  • Garden lighting

  • Low voltage garden spike lights - plug and play

  • Limelight garden spigots - for Limelight Spike mounted garden lights - 20mm Galvanised steel tube

  • Plug and Play - easy to install garden lighting

  • 24v Garden Lighting Transformer for Limelight Plug and Play garden lighting systems

  • Limelight Cable for wiring garden lights in the Limelight Range