Back lighting Stained Glass windows

Main Staircase and Committee room

The challenge was to back light large stained glass windows curved at the top to provide uniformed light with high quality effects. Our initial thought was, there should be a straight forward solution to this, until the first site visit proved otherwise. The main objective to overcome was the gap between the fire window at the rear and the stained glass window which was only 100mm.

The windows are beautiful as most stained glass windows are, however these are special. The fire glass was fixed so there was no possibility of any external solution to this. The only option was bespoke lighting panels mounted internally between the two windows. The fixing method was the next thought process as install within such a tight space meant access to wiring points was going to prove difficult. The sheets also had to be added to existing lighting controls to allow the client to operate from an i-phone or i-pad. 

 The three sheets on each window were cut to the exact sizes of the windows interior perimeter. This meant the electrical contractor carefully eased each one into position. The fixing point was 25mm from the back of the stained glass which we calculated in cooperation the restoration contractor. The outcome we trust you agree is stunning.