Diageo (Leven) decided to install energy efficient lighting as their current lighting was due for an upgrade and wanted to take advantage of new technology and the improved lighting that LED gives. In 2015 Diageo decided to take the next steps at making their premises more energy efficient. Since the building opened Diageo still had the same light fittings in place. After an audit done by NJS Lighting Solutions - it was apparent that potentially huge savings could be made. NJS Lighting Solutions used one of their suppliers - Waveguide Lighting to replace the old 250w and 450w sodium lamps that were originally in the factory with 95w and 242w LED sources. By changing the sodium lamps Diageo was also able to increase the lighting levels in the factory by doubling the current lux level.


After moving to more Energy Efficient Lighting sources Diageo has reported a 60% reduction in energy usage which amount to a saving of on average £9,000 per month. The difference in the ambience this change has created was an excellent result. The dark orange lighting in the work area became a much brighter and healthier environment for staff to work in. Tessa Ward, Environmental Manager at Diageo Leven said “The lighting is amazing, the light is much cleaner looking and completely changes the look of the department.”

  • Warehouse before new LED Lighting

  • Warehouse after LED Lighting refit