Classroom Lighting Controls

A lesson in lighting

NJS Lighting Solutions represent manufacturers  providing innovative solutions for lighting and lighting controls. 

This well thought out range of smart sensors will enhance the install time and take out the need for complex wiring systems in classroom lighting. The innovative sensor acts as a complete lighting control system for two zones, providing dimming based on daylight harvesting to three rows of lighting whilst also providing a control group to deal with lighting near the whiteboard. Because SmartSensor uses DALI technology, a single pair of wires connects all the lamps to the sensor, allowing greatly simplified installation, while flexible addressing allows any combination of lamps to be specified in any row or group.


Traditional DALI solutions required specialist knowledge and tools to configure the system. SmartSensor automates the addressing and setup mechanism and integrates this into the sensor itself, so an installer can quickly identify and address the lamps and then organise them into the appropriate control groups using nothing more than a simple handheld remote control. Setup and commissioning of a typical classroom can be achieved in as little as five minutes, without any specialist knowledge keeping labour costs to a minimum.


A full design package for the specification industry and the Design and build market is available . Please contact Norman Scott on 07711 207273.