Bournemouth Airport

The project will slash its lighting energy costs by 72%, saving 65 tonnes of Co2 per annum and more than £290,000 on lighting energy bills.

The Challenge:

Bournemouth Airport announced they were looking to achieve carbon neutral group operations in August 2012.

As part of this pioneering initiative, they asked us to provide them with an LED lighting scheme for their external car parks that would reduce energy consumption and C02 whilst improving the quality of lighting for their customers.

The challenge was to provide the highest levels of light quality and uniformity with fittings that had to be installed on four metre high poles spaced at 40 metres apart.


The team of professionals created a powerful solution to replace 150 watt SON fittings (170 watt with ballast) with their P30 fitting – which is just 67 watts inclusive of ballast.

The 209 lights were fitted on a one-for-one basis, to four metre high poles spaced at 40 metres, providing the airport with an unrivalled standard of light level and uniformity. This will enhance both the customer experience and security at the site – providing more than 20 Lux to the floor.

The new light fittings now installed in two of Bournemouth Airport’s car parks use 72% less energy than the pre-existing system. With the use of intelligent controls the P30 fittings will save the airport an additional 25% on their energy bills by reducing operating hours to nine from12.

By providing LED lighting with a useful lifetime of 18 years, enables a significant reduction in the airport’s lighting energy consumption from 164,776Kw/h to just 46,137Kw/h, saving 118,638 Kw/h.

The newly installed P30 fittings run maintenance free for the duration of their 60,000-hour lifetime (which equates to seven years if they are switched on 24 hours a day, seven days a week). This provides additional savings of over £1,000 per annum, as no operational maintenance costs will be incurred.


“Bournemouth Airport was one of the first airports in the UK to achieve carbon-neutral ground operations in 2012 and we are extremely proud of our achievements to date.  We continue to invest in low-carbon technology to minimise our carbon footprint as part of Manchester Airport Group’s sustainability agenda for all its airports.

“By replacing the lighting in car parks one and two with new low-energy LED fittings, we have been able to save energy, cost and better the journey for our customers. It is incredibly important to us, to work with a company that understands our needs and Waveguide Lighting have a proven track record when looking at airport lighting.” Michael Twomey, Head of Technical Services at Bournemouth Airport.